About us

We are all about making individuals and workplaces super productive by keeping everyone safe and sound. We're not just trainers, we're your dedicated allies in fostering a workplace where everyone can flourish. We believe in giving you the safety training you really need, because when you feel safe, you work confidently. We're big believers that when your team is happy and feels safe, your whole business thrives. So Let's work together to make you and your workplace safer and brighter. 

  Our Vision

To preserve and improve health, safety, well-being and the environment to develop safety conscious culture and Safety practices at work and at home to serve Sri Lanka.   

Our Mission

To be recognized and act as the leading provider of high-quality first aid qualifications, training opportunities and learner engagement in occupational health, safety, environmental, well-being risk and related subject  

Here is a sneak peek into what set us apart 


Our first aid classes are more than just CPR and bandages – we're all about diving deep into safety smarts to keep workplaces secure

Event Management

From local gigs to big games, we're the ones you can count on when things get hairy.

Youth Development

We're not just teaching first aid, we're shaping future heroes through our youth programs and cool initiatives like the FFRA.


Need gear? We've got you covered with everything from kits to training goodies. Because being prepared is the name of the game.

Our Values

Saving Life 

Sharing knowledge and life-saving techniques.

Reliability - Commitment – Team Work – Collaborative Working

We value reliability, commitment, teamwork, and collaboration, ensuring we work together effectively to achieve high standards and successful outcomes.


High standards in everything we do.


Mutual respect, celebrating the past and building for the future


Learn First Aid. Don’t leave it till you need it. Our Scope of work for this engagement is based on conducting a First Aid training program for the candidates and establishing an Emergency Management System – [EMS] - for your organization.